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An herbal product that has multi-benefit for health especially for increasing and maintaining the immune system and overall body health.

Madu SJ is produced from honey, pure dates extract, spirulina, pegagan (Centela Asiatica), ilalang (Imperate Cylindrica), sambiloto (Andrographis Paniculate), and soursop leaves with multiple benefits for body resistance, immunity, and to help body recovery.


  • Honey: Interestingly, honey provided significantly better treatment result, help to boost energy, multipurpose health aid for beauty and body.
  • Dates extract: Improve the stamina, help to the recovery of dengue fever, it’s good for pregnant women and breastfeeding mother give birth at the case, and also it’s good for toddlers and their growth, enhancing appetite.
  • Spirulina: Famous with enriched nutrients, so this super food could restore and revitalize your heart. Nutrient content in 1 gram of spirulina is the same with 500 gr fruits and beverages.
  • Pegagan: It has the sense of sweetness and coolness while its pharmacology is anti-infection, antitoxic and diuretic.
  • Ilalang: Healing asthma, diarrhea, hypertension caused by kidney disorder, urinary stones, whitish, diuretic. Nosebleed, hepatitis, prostate, and pneumonia.
  • Sambiloto: Detain oxidation which promoted by free radicals, enhance liver cells for regeneration.
  • Soursop leaves: Nowadays, renowned with natural anticancer, due to the significant substances.

Code: 175 gr = 70/25 | 285 gr = 100/30
Net: 175 g & 285 g
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