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HIBIS is leek-free menstrual pad produced from premium cotton and contains many natural herbs that good for health using “Bio Technology”.


  • Treat cervical mucus abnormalities including removing foul odor and itchiness,
  • Eradicate bacteria and germs and treat infection caused by it,
  • Overcoming menstrual pain and irregular menstruation cycle,
  • Prevents: Cervical, uterus, and breast cancer, myoma, and ovarian cysts.


  • First Layer: Made by woven soft and smooth cotton so that is able to quickly absorb the blood while keeping the surface dry. It also completed with waterproof to avoid a blood leak.
  • Second Layer: Non-chemicals cotton, best-absorbencies for bacteria and fungus, and also for prevents a leak.
  • Third-Layer: A natural-based SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) that will change into a gel, in the form of hygiene pore layers. It functions to keep dry and no leak.
  • Fourth Layer: Hygiene PU Film (Poly Urethane) pore in the outer layer. Makes the pad breathable and dry while used. Snap the wing under your underwear to lock the position.


  • ALOE VERA : Inhibit inflammation and maintain humidity
  • HERBA MENTHAE : Give sense of freshness and comfort, reduce itchiness and pain
  • YIMUCAU : Streamlining menstruation and reduce swelling
  • BORNEO CAMPHOR : Reduce swelling,  abdominal pain, give sense of fresh, anti-bacteria
  • HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA : Reduce inflammation and anti-irritation
  • LAVENDULA : Streamlining menstruation and give sense of freshness

Code: Hibis Sanitary Napkins & Panty Code: 360/100 | Hibis Mix : 150/40
Contents: Sanitary Napkins: 20 pack @4 Sanitary Napkins | Pantyliner : 20 pack @10 panty | Hibis Mix : 4 Sanitary Napkins +10 Panty
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