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PT Herba Penawar Alwahida Indonesia, known as HPAI, is one of the Halal Business Network companies in Indonesia which focus on provision of high-quality halal consumer goods. HPAI, according to the deed of incorporation, was formally established on March 19, 2012.

HPAI was born as a result of a long struggle with a set of objectives, which are: to promote high-quality halal products following the Thibbunnabawi principle, to promote and actualize Islamic economy in Indonesian through entrepreneurship, and also to participate in empowerment and development of national SMEs.



Sharia Board : 

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Halal Is My Way



Become a World Class Halal Industry Leader (from Indonesia)



Our company mission is to become a top network marketing company Umma can be proud of, become the vessel of struggle in providing Halal products for Muslims, and produces Muslim entrepreneurs that can be proud of, as a marketer, network builders, and manufacturers.



Jl Kelapa Sawit Raya Blok H-11
Pondok Kelapa, Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur 13450
Telp. 021-8690 9600, Fax. 021-8690 6645



Bank Name Account Number  Account Holder 
BSM 711 001 1002 Pt hpa indonesia


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