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Qur’an Application Asy Syifaa ‘

The procedure of Application of Quran Asy Syifaa

  1. Install Qur’an application Asy Syifaa ‘on Playstore with a keyword “Quran Asy Syifaa”
  2. Open the application then scan (click the camera icon)
  3. Fill in email data and password (up to letter or number as desired)
  4. Then the notification will be sent to your email
  5. Open your email and click the verification link
  6. Links that have been clicked will give a message you have merged with the community of Quran Asy Syifaa
  7. Open the application Quran Asy Syifaa then the scan was able to expose the contents of the theme more detail
  8. The contents of the theme that is now still being developed by the team of Quran Asy Syifaa


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