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MADU PAHIT (Bitter Honey)

MADU PAHIT (Bitter Honey)

Bitter Honey HNI has a distinctive bitter taste because it is produced by Apis dorsata bee that consumes nectar from bitter tree buds, such as Kirinyuh, Teak, Mahoni, Benalu and Clidemia hirta.

Bit HNI HNI is a honey of natural choice that is very special because it is taken from the honeycomb mahogany tree, found only in the Forest. Honey Quality Honey HNI is very good for the body you because it comes from the pollen of trees that are not polluted, do not contain pesticides (due to wild trees), without artificial fertilizers, and without additional chemicals.

Bitter Honey HNI has a high alkaloid content, serves as a natural antibacterial killing bacteria that harm the body. In addition, there are important substances such as Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose, Maltose, Natural Water, and natural sugar is stronger than sugar ordinary. Each substance contained in this Honey has a high enough level so Honey Bit HNI very efficacious for health.

Weak Care Syahwat (Mikail Yarlioglues et al. 2011)
Adds stamina.
Improve the digestive system, ulcer and prebiotic.
Stabilize blood pressure.
Normalize blood sugar levels.
Reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the blood.
Overcoming gout disease.
Increase endurance.

Code : 100/30
Content : 250 gr
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